Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sixty million years

Sixty million years of evolution since the last Extinction, and it also (see previous post), I'm happy to say, comes to this:
Bebe & Me, by Sophie McDow (2009) – A book for all (the) ages

In this slim book, a seven-year-old child tells us in her own words and through her own full-color artwork about the special relationship she has with her grandmother. Author Sophie McDow has a distinct advantage in tackling this subject in that her grandmother’s own story is interesting in itself. Grandma Bebe (Becky Guinn) is a talented artist and art teacher who lost both hands and both feet to an adverse reaction to medications during a hospital stay, as Sophie puts it, “to get her heart fixed.” However, Bebe’s heart apparently didn’t need all that much fixing, because she had the heart not only to survive the ordeal but with the aid of prosthetics to resume her artwork and teaching. Sophie tells us, “Bebe can do everything she used to and now even more! Her hooks are really strong and her chair is really fast!”

The story of “Bebe and me” is well-told from the child’s point of view in simple, direct and well-chosen details and appealing and colorful drawings. There is no mistaking that this is a child’s book, and a children’s book that will captivate beginning readers and delight grown-ups who read (and show) it to children. But Bebe & Me surpasses such categories. It’s a little book for all ages and for all the ages. In presenting the story of her grandmother’s life and of their special relationship, the child has been able to see and render for us what makes any relationship truly “special.” Just one example: “Bebe is smart and helps people learn and makes everyone feel great about themselves.”

Recommended for all audiences. Book is available at

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