Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Golfing in the Apocalypse

Speaking of fire, Judy and I enjoyed our first woodstove fire of the season last night, setting up a card table to have supper in the living room in front of our beloved cast-iron Jotul heartwarmer.

And, speaking of appropriate technology, this from the YouTube video I stole the above photo from:

That video: "Ecology as Theology: Inspiring Science for Challenging Times"

It's Michael Dowd, who describes himself as a "recovering progressive, " now moving "from naive techno-optimism to sacred realism." His base website is: If you're interested, I would suggest going to and clicking on the What's NEW link, which offers a 27-minute youtube video of Dowd at a Michigan UU church, along with a 70-minute slide presentation.

So. On one hand we have the climate change deniers. Bad enough, but they seem to be fewer and fewer. Although, yes, too many of them (that one especially) occupy seats of power. On the other hand, we have too many "progressives" denying that the laws of thermodynamics and ecology trump (reverse English pun intended) technological fixes. Working feverishly to green the Titanic and maintain golfing-as-usual.

NOTE: I actually composed the above, with the reference to "last night," in late October. I had intended to add more commentary on the progressive, green/renewable and techno-opimistic sustainability movement. I didn't get around to that. And Fredonia Heritage Day and Armistice Day intervened. Today I think the best I can do is to send you to read a really persuasive article just published on the Resilience website, titled The Limits of Renewable Energy and the Case for Degrowth

BTW: Can anyone out there say whether the golfing in the apocalypse photo is for real or just a Photoshop fake? If so, pls let us know. 

As always I'm asking, your thoughts?  

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Anonymous said...

The golf image is real according to this story featured on CNN.